Pindela Home

The origins of Casa de Pindela date back to the 15th century, the first records going back to 1442. The house and property have remained in the same family for almost 600 years.

In 1526, the “Majorat” regime was established and the ownership and management of the House passed to the oldest male son.

According to records of 1550, the building at that time corresponded to the current main body of the Manor house. During the 17th century, in 1661, the “morgado” José Pinheiro Lobo built the current large chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Conception, the patron saint of the House.

In the late 19th century, by the hand of the second Viscount of Pindela, the house was subject to a major intervention. Its interior was refurbished, and a new wing was added and completed with a Romanesque tower. In this imposing tower, the magnificent Manueline window is made up of two flames and divided by a mullion.

In the rear of the manor house there is a typical 19th century garden whose boxwood beds were designed, in the French style of the time, by Viscountess D. Maria Amália. The garden is flanked by a granite aqueduct that has, for centuries, carried the water to the house. This romantic garden continues to a leafy park named “Tílias” (Linden). “Tílias”, next to lake “barbadão” and under the centennial and monumental Tulip Tree, is a perfect place to hold an outdoor event or, simply, let oneself relax listening to the sound of water falling...

In this traditional farm of Minho region, the terraced fields and grapevine pergolas (“ramadas”) of yesteryear have given way to an entire field permitting the use of agricultural machinery to increase the farm production.

In the vast wood, which serves as habitat for several species of Mediterranean fauna, there are three centenary and large trees, classified as public interest and worth visiting:

  • Virginia Tulip (“Árvore do Ponto”), 25 metres high and 12 metres perimeter
  • Sequoia, 40 metres high and 5 metres perimeter
  • Pseudotsuga, 30 metres high and 6 metres perimeter